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« Basant Wire Industries Ltd.

We have installed kapsun brand Himalaya model at Basant Wire industries pvt. Ltd. The result of the machine is satisfactory, and we appreciate. The design well as the Low power consumption.

« Capson Tiles Pvt. Ltd.

We ate CAPSON TILES PVT. LTD. Are proud to be associated with “KAPSUN RESOURCE CORPORATION” We have installed 02 nos of “ANTARCTICA” model industrial Coolers in our factory being an ceramics industry it generates 55 degrees of ambiance temperature in the peak summer season. Which makes the workers difficult to give their 100% out put.

« C.D. Industries

We aye CD INDUSTRIES (P) Ltd. Are proud to be associated with Kapsun Resources Corporation. We are using 2 coolers of Antarctica brand in our Company. The performance of the coolers are excellent.

« Elofic Industries Limited

We had bought 5 nos. Antarctica Cooler from your company last year during summer season. The cooling of this Cooler is excellent and we are completely satisfied with the product & the after sales service of your company is up to the mark.

« Hotel Association Walled City Amritsar

We liked the Kapsun Resources Corporation Product Brand Antarctica & Himalaya. We like Himalaya brand which takes 1units in 5 hours & gives very good cooling it will give excellent environment to valuable customer; its electricity power consumption is very low. Therefore, we are interested and thinking buy Himalaya Brand No. of 50 to 80 for our 15 hotels room on coming season. We thankful to kapsun Resources Corporation for introducing such a good machine

« Items

This is to certify that M/S. Kapsun Resources Corporation., the makers of India’s only Eco-Friendly & Energy- Saving Air Coolers. Before buying of Air Coolers our job production area temperature facing very high, especially during the summers and his affected our job productivity drastically. Due to the intense Heat generated by the machine, our workers were also suffering and their productivity & efficiency were the lowest day to day.

« Jai Industries

We ate Jai Industries happy to associate with Kapsun Resources Corporation. We have purchased H No. Coolers we are happy of excellent performance & satisfied with result we are congratulate Kapun to make such excellent product.

Kapsun Resources Corporation is marketing arm of Kapsun Group to promote most innovative products which improves living standards of modern day lives.
Changing Climate Conditions due to Global Warming. weather is getting extreme and severely effecting life on earth.Different Industrial work place or Social gathering Places needs to retain comfort.
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